This website is dedicated to all devotees and Thiruppugazh Anbargal who have been singing Thiruppugazh songs as per Guruji Sri Raghavan's teachings. Most of Saint Arunagirinathar's works - more than 500 Thiruppugazh songs, Viruthams, Vaguppu, Anubhoothi, Alankaram, Andhadhi can be accessed both in Tamil and transliterated English in this website.

The song lyrics in Tamil or English will popup by clicking the song title.

There is also a facility for creating Thiruppugazh Event through Event Manager.

The main idea of this website is to promote rich and resourceful Thiruppguazh which is the essence of Vedas and secret of wisdom as much as possible - for those who do not read Tamil should be able to learn through English-transliterated lyrics. This site can be accessed from modern mobile devices with internet connection.

This website is user friendly and responsive. There are menus and submenus to navigate through this website. For example, Thiruppugazh songs, Vaguppu, Viruththam, Anubhuthi etc are listed under the menu Repository. Event Manager is used for creating Thiruppugazh events with your song selection. Flip books show the Thiruppugazh and other content in flippable book format in both Tamil and English.

The website can be accessed on computers and mobile devices with various screen sizes. On old iPads, the lyrics may not show properly. Use iPads that are 3rd generation or above.

Event broadly refers to Thiruppugazh Event that you can create for a particular day such as Padi vizha or your regular Thiruppugazh weekly or monthly sessions. The Event can also be used as your personal list of songs. For example if you want to have a list of songs that belong to one particular sthalam (temple / kshethram), you can use the Event manager to create as Event and add songs for the temple to that event. In this case the Event Date and Event Venue are irrelevant. You can treat Event as a scheudle, your personal list or for any usage as it is not just limited to just an Event to be conducted.

There are two submenu options under Events - (1) Attend Event and (2) Event Manager. Attend Event is for you to choose the event date that you want to attend. In case the chosen date has multiple events, it will show another drop down box with event names to choose. Then, it will list all the songs for that chosen event. Clicking the song title in English will popup the transliterated lyrics whereas clicking the song title in Tamil will show the Tamil lyrics. Event Manager is for creating the Event.

Event Manager enables you to create Thiruppugazh Event. You can add event, update event, select Thiruppugazh songs, Vaguppu, Viruththam, Andhadhi etc for the event. When adding new event, you'd provide the date (current date or future date), event name, event venue and if you want to lock the event. You can create more than one event for the same date.

When you click add, the event will be created automatically with the two invocation songs (Muruga Muruga and Kaithala Niraikani). Use the action buttons listed under Action for each event for different actions. For example, clicking (select songs) button for the event will popup a window that list all Thiruppguazh songs. You can select the songs by putting a check mark or simply selecting the row. On top of the the song table, there is a drop down box that you can use to list only songs selected for the event, not-selected for the event or all available songs. Next to that drop box there is an information display that tells how many songs were selected and the approximate total duration.

You can use the search box to search for particular song. Search is powerful global search and it will list all the matching phrase (due to English Transliteration and the way it is spelt for identifying the song) which may not be your intention. Recommendation is to use phrases that narrow your search for desired results, or use Tamil words in search box

Event's song list can be generated through spreadsheet by cicking the button under action. Spreadsheet generated will automatically include "Muruga..Muruga" as the last song.

The Song Book (with full lyrics) for the chosen event can be printed either in Tamil or English in PDF format.

Furthermore, you can lock the event with a key and only people with the right key can open the event to modify/upate the songs for that Event. However, locked events will still allow everyone to download the spreadsheet, or PDF song book.

Once the event date is past, that event cannot be deleted or altered. However, you may still copy the past event (ensuring you are providing the right key, if the event is locked), download spreadsheet list, and generate PDF songbook.

Copy Event button (under Action) allows you to copy the past event. It is provided to reduce the time taken to create a New Event afresh. If the event is locked, you can copy only upon giving the right open key. After copying the event, the event name will have a prefix "copy of" that event ID. Once the event is successfully copied, you can then modify the event name, venue, date etc, and modify the song selection.

If you place the mouse pointer on each action button, a tool tip will show you what action is associated with that button. Also, wherever possible, tool-tips are provided throughout the website.

You may create as many events. However, there is a limitation on storage and how much you can access. For now, the plan is to keep upto one year of events. If storage and bandwidth allow, this can be adjusted.

Song duration is the approximate duration when we sing that particular song. These durations were collected by Thiruppugazh anbargal (Schaumburg, Chicago) for the songs that this group learned/learning. This is just an indicative number to help with scheduling thiruppugazh events through Event Manager.

Songs taught by Guruji Raghavan are available as Audio and can be accessed under Repository. More songs will be added as appropriate. Song meanings / explanations are not provided at present.

Check your browser settings. Different browsers have different settings. Probably enabling pop-ups should resolve this issue.

No, this website does not require you to register. It does not ask or store any personal information.

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